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Welcome to Hook a Sista Up.  If you have selected this tab I have already peaked your interest in becoming a HASU member and joining the sisterhood of women entrepreneurs.

So, while on this tab let me share more about why  I would love for you to join HASU  and become a member.  The Mantra of HASU is from "Competition to Collaboration."   This  means if you enjoy partnering and collaborating  with other women this is the movement for you.  


Lastly and VERY important.   We would love to have to showcase your business, company, post jobs and volunteer opportunities however you will need to join as an individual HASU member, small business and or corporation


This will entitle  you to build a member profile, post pictures, videos and blog on the member community. 

​Now on to the other member benefits....


  • Access to other women entrepreneurs with varied backgrounds, experience and  resources.

  • HASU member to member discounts

  • Mentorships

  • Monthly Accountability Check-in meetings 

  • Support through a sisterhood of connections, advice and inspiration

  • Access to referrals  and other business hook- up's

  • 1/2 off speaker series, workshops  and selected HASU events

  • Your head shot and bio will be listed on on HASU member page with a link to your business website

  • Opportunity to promote and market your business on our member events page and HASU blog

  • Can list products on the HASU store (discounted)

So as you can see, there are many benefits to joining our HASU movement of women entrepreneurs.  

become a member

individual membership

$100.00 yr plus

Small Business Sponsorship and Membership

$200.00 yr

Corporate Sponsorship and Membership

$300.00 yr

Marketing/Promotion and Business Consulting Ala Carte Services

  • Event specific promotion and product/ brand launch services-  $ 100.00 hr up . Free ½ mtg to discuss work

  • Develop a marketing plan for your business - $ 299.00 up

  • One on one business coaching sessions ( 1hr $ 85.00  (3hrs/$250.00 ) (5hrs/$400.00

membership fee

To become a part of the sisterhood you will have to purchase one of the membership levels that fit your need. Once your payment is received you will be contacted to send your head hot and bio to be listed as a HASU member. It's that easy!

*Membership fees and sponsorships, help support start-up costs for  our women entrepreneurs  and help us continue to provide services for our women

We look forward to having you as a HASU member. 


Linda Otterbridge
Founder of HASU