"The Entrepreneur's Blueprint" Custom Tee-shirt.


The hair holds your blueprint...


With your custom tee order you get to personalize your teeshirt by adding your name in the shirt along the bottom of the tee.  Lastly you also get a digital downloadable poster of "The Entrepreneur's Blueprint" to hang in your office.


This collection was designed and birthed from a collective of women entrepreneurs from businesses and expereinces responding to one question..


What does it take to be an entrepreneur?  And this is how the teeshirt design was birthed.  The hair holds the collection of responses which is your blueprint to what it takes to be an entrepreneur. 


So wear your teeshirt proudly and let people know that "you got what it takes."

Entrepreneur's Blueprint Custom Tee

Color: Black
  • Your teeshirt is printed by sublimation printing also known as DTG (Direct to Garment) printing. 

    This means that the ink colors are dyed into the fabric or the shirt.  This is not a screenprint or layover shirt.  With sublimation printing the colors will pop.

    You tee is also printed on the Bella brand tee which is a soft warm tee but known to be a heavy duty tee.

    When washing your shirt turn shirt inside out to maintain shirt color and design care.

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